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TIE-BREAKER NOTE -- If this game ends in a tie the teams will play a rematch in Week #17 to determine the Fantasy Bowl V winner. If there is a Week 17 rematch tie-breaker lineups will be used.
Latest Vegas Line:  Pick 'em
(2) JoJo's
JoJo's Untouchables
QB Manning--0 QB B.Johnson--12 (1) Valhalla
Valhalla Victimizers
RB F.Taylor--6 RB E.Smith--6
RB E.George--0 RB E.James--18
RB Hicks--0 WR M.Robinson--0
WR Harrison--0 WR Connell--0
TE LaFleur--6 TE Gonzalez--0
PK Conway--8 PK Vanderjagt--11
  TOTAL=20   TOTAL=47

(December 21, 1999) What could make a better Christmas present than a Fantasy Bowl V Championship? The Raleigh Handicapping Network's Mick Lendach offers up some holiday cheer and his thoughts on the Untouchable's and Victimizer's Fantasy Bowl V matchup.

Jingle Bells, Piscataway smells, Playboys laid an egg,
Both their teams, lost their wheels, playoffs got away. Hey!
Jingle Bells, Playboys failed, Playaz choked that day,
Valhalla and the Untouchables have one game left to play!

Dashing through the snow, Edgerrin leads the way,
Cleveland has no D, Colts are here to stay.
Dawg Pound cowbells ring, they're a nasty lot,
But Peyton turns and hands it off and James goes like a shot! Oh!

Jingle Bells, Eddie George, a TD machine,
Except for when, Steve McNair, takes it all the way. Hey!
Jingle Bells, Jacksonville, has a lot to prove,
Haven't beat a winning team, and George is in a groove!

A day or two ago, I thought I'd take a ride,
And soon Jo Gonzalez, was seated by my side.
His voice was clear and light, he guaranteed a win,
He said if we don't pick his team that it would be a sin! Oh!

Jingle Bells, who to choose, it's an even game,
Anything could happen in the PFL they say. Hey!
Jingle Bells, ok well, I guess we'll make a pick,
James scores 2, Valhalla wins, Untouchables get sick!

PREDICTION: James leads Valhalla to promised land, 34-30.