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1998  Week #15
Playoff  Game  Analysis
Raleigh Handicapping NetworkRHN RECORD AGAINST THE SPREAD (15-17-1)
Branchburg Gaming BureauBGB RECORD AGAINST THE SPREAD (15-16-2)

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Illuminati (10-4) at Polish Playboys (11-3)Raleigh Handicapping NetworkBranchburg Gaming Bureau
Boston Bookies (10-5) at Serbian Serial Killers (9-5)
Raleigh Handicapping NetworkBranchburg Gaming Bureau
Latest Lines:   (Playboys -7.5) -- (Serbians -4.5)
As a famous poet once said, "How do I love to imitate thee, let me count the ways..." Yep, not only a literary masterpiece, but also very prophetic in anticipation of the 1998 PFL Playoffs. It is for this reason that the Playboys are rooting for the Bookies and vice versa, and the Illuminati are rooting for the Serial Killers and vice versa. What the f--- are we talking about, you ask? Common players. Oh, the abundance of common players. Come take a look-see: The Playboys/Illuminati battle boils down to a face-off between Young/Davis/Taylor vs. Favre/Smith/Moss/Carter, while the Bookies/Serbians battle boils down to a face-off between, er, ah, well Young/Davis/Taylor vs. Favre/Smith/Moss/Carter. So what then are we rooting for in these matchups? Why, a Playboys/Serbians or Bookies/Illuminati Fantasy Bowl, of course! We want to see some team have to pick up Kent Graham or Jason Dunn just to field a team in the Big Game. Ok, maybe it's not that bad, but it's close to it. So who will win these games? Well, we like the Young/Davis/Taylor teams, along with their surrounding casts, so we'll go with them. Besides, that way we get a Fantasy Bowl that will have to be won by role players, coaching, and team depth - just as it should be.
PREDICTION:  Playboys/Serbians 42, Illuminati/Bookies 32.

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