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1998  Week #10  Matchups
&  Game  Analysis
Raleigh Handicapping NetworkRHN RECORD AGAINST THE SPREAD (13-13-1)
Branchburg Gaming BureauBGB RECORD AGAINST THE SPREAD (11-14-2)

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Branchburg Gaming Bureau Polish Playboys (7-2) at Boston Bookies (6-3)
Latest Line:  Playboys -6
Can the Polish Playboys be stopped? That is the big question in the PFL these days. After scoring a PFL record 66 points against the Reasonable Rabbis, last week, it appears that the 'boys have no place to go but down. When asked if his team is peaking too soon Playboy's GM, Jeff Zuber, said "We never peak too soon... just ask any girl that has ever been out with a Polish Playboy!" The Boston Bookies are also on a high after beating the Valhalla Victimizers, but now they are playing for the Jedi Conference crown. Can the Bookies take down the Playboys? Don't bet on it.
PREDICTION:  The Playboys Stroll On, 44-26.


McMasters (1-8) at Valhalla Victimizers (5-4) Raleigh Handicapping Network
Latest Line:  Valhalla -5
Usually one of the biggest grudge matches of each PFL season, this Jedi Conference battle should draw about as many fans as the fourth quarter of the Eagles/Cowboys Monday night game. After all, would you pay to come out and see the pathetic 1-8 McMasters? GM Mike Lebo set a PFL record with his plentiful transactions on Draft Day, and he now aims for another PFL record, this one for overall team futility. NBC has already stated that the only saving grace to this game is that it's being played in Valhalla, who are in the middle of the playoff hunt. We agree, as at least a few fans figure to take a couple minutes away from their tailgating to watch a few TDs by the home team.
PREDICTION:  Valhalla Rolls, 33-21.


Reasonable Rabbis (4-5) at Greek Gravediggers (4-5) Branchburg Gaming Bureau
Latest Line:  Gravediggers -3.5
This matchup features two teams that are in must-win scenarios! The loser of this game can forget about reaching the PFL post-season, so both clubs will be going all out for this one. The Gravediggers are confident that they will end the Rabbis hopes of making another playoff appearence in 1998. "The Rabbis are a bunch of losers," stated Gravedigger GM, Gus Kotsianas, at his Thursday press-conference. "They have no real talent, no coaching staff, and a GM that knows more about 'big-boy smut' than he does about running a football team. We will crush them, and you can take that to the bank". Listen to Kotsianas!
PREDICTION:  The Greeks Bury The Rabbis, 33-21.


JoJo's Untouchables (3-6) at Raleigh Roughhousers (3-5-1) Branchburg Gaming Bureau
Latest Line:   Raleigh -4.5
These two teams hate each other, and that is putting it mildly. This would be the PFL grudge-match of the week if either of these two teams had a chance to make the playoffs, but since that is a long shot it's just another game between two teams that want to kill each other. Raleigh's club is known for getting hot once they are out of the playoff hunt, so giving 4.5 points to the lowly Untouchables shouldn't bother anyone.
PREDICTION:  Raleigh Sweeps The Untouchables, 27-22.


Serbian Serial Killers (7-2) at Frognation Imposters (3-5-1) Raleigh Handicapping Network
Latest Line:   Serbians -8
The only bet we feel comfortable making in this game is the "over". Both teams have terrific matchups this week, and it should result in a high-scoring shootout. Of course, every game seems to be that way for the league leading Serbian club, whose 52 points last week increased their scoring average to 37.5 per game, tops in the league. Just when you think that Young, Davis, and Taylor cant score twice EVERY week, they do it again. And they probably will once again this week, but we think the Frognation club has enough spunk left to keep it close.
PREDICTION:  Serbians In A Shootout, 42-36.


Raleigh Handicapping Network Illuminati (6-3) at Waco Weekend Warriors (4-5)
Latest Line:   Illuminati -4
Both of these teams are coming off huge conference wins last week, especially for the Warriors, who are now a respectable 4-5. Meanwhile, the Illuminati are quietly sitting in second place in the Empire Conference with a 6-3 record, and are third in the league in scoring behind the Serbians and the Playboys. Waco GM Mike Malandrucco offered reporters his assessment of the game, "We think the key is going to be, whichever team can score more points. Our coaches feel like if we can score more points than them this week, we have an excellent chance to win." Hey, who are we to argue with that? Wrong team, though.
PREDICTION:  Illuminati Score More Points, 40-28.

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