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1998  Week #4  Matchups
&  Game  Analysis
Raleigh Handicapping NetworkRHN RECORD AGAINST THE SPREAD (6-3)
Branchburg Gaming BureauBGB RECORD AGAINST THE SPREAD (4-5)

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Branchburg Gaming Bureau Polish Playboys (2-1) at Greek Gravediggers (2-1)
Latest Line:  Playboys -1
Style, dignity, humility, intellect, and class.... these are all things you won't find in the Greek Gravedigger's lockerroom. Reports from the Gravedigger's lockerroom have become legendary around the PFL. Whether it's stories about pregame keggers, strip shows, or high-stakes card games, the Greek Gravediggers exploits have been well documented. How many other PFL teams have a beer tap in their lockerroom? The Polish Playboys are also a high-profile flamboyant team, but they give their best performances on the football field.... just ask any woman who ever spent a night in one of the Playboy's hotel rooms. That being said, however, Playboy' GM, Jeff Zuber, is a man that gets the most out of his players. It appears that his team is taking aim at another Jedi Conference title, and a third appearance in the PFL post-season. The question to be answered this week is "can the Gravediggers take their play to the next level"?
PREDICTION: Playboys Bounce Back, 38-30.


McMasters (0-3) at Valhalla Victimizers (2-1) Branchburg Gaming Bureau
Latest Line:  Valhalla -6
The biggest surprise of the 1998 PFL Season has been the underwhelming play of the McMasters. Their 0-3 start puts them at the bottom of the league standings, and that fact doesn't make McMaster GM, Mike Lebo, very happy. "I'm not very happy", Lebo stated at his Thursday press conference, "I'm not very happy at all". When asked about what he thinks the team's problem has been Lebo simply said that his, "players are playing like a bunch of school girls.... ummmm school girls!" In contrast, the Valhalla Victimizers are off to the best start in their franchise' history. Victimizer's GM, Matt Lendach, has been very pleased with his team's start, but he's cautious about getting too high on his early success. "There are still 11 games left in the regular season," Lendach noted, "and we have to stay focused, stay healthy, and then everything else will work itself out". That boring statement aside, there could be a 0-4 start waiting for the McMasters.
PREDICTION: Victimizers Win It, 26-19.


Branchburg Gaming Bureau Boston Bookies (1-2) at Reasonable Rabbis (2-1)
Latest Line:  Bookies -2.5
The second biggest surprise of the 1998 PFL Season is that the Reasonable Rabbis are 2-1 after their first three games. The Rabbis weren't expected to win much more than 2 games all season, but now that they're off to a quality start Rabbis' GM, John Reynolds, says the people in Charlotte, NC are rallying around their team. Sources close to Reynold's have reported that there has been a parade of female groupies going in and out of the GM's apartment ever since last Sunday's win. In a related story, a Charlotte newspaper reported this week that porno rentals are down 65% on Reynold's side of town. Up the east coast in Boston the Bookies are 1-2 and in need of a big win to put them right back in the middle of the Jedi Conference title race. If the Bookies can get Cris Carter and Randy Moss to keep scoring touchdowns they could end up in the PFL post-season ten weeks from now. This is a big game for both teams and the loser of this game may never recover in 1998.
PREDICTION: Bookies Take Rabbis Down, 33-21.


Raleigh Handicapping Network Serbian Serial Killers (2-1) at JoJo's Untouchables (1-2)
Latest Line:  Serbians -6.5
The streets of Greensboro are just now starting to clear out, following the city-wide block party that was hosted by Untouchables GM Jorge Gonzalez on Monday night. PFL insiders tell us that Gary Anderson dolls were sold at $50 a pop, and that over 10,000 were bought on Tuesday alone. All of this might sound great for the Untouchables, but with fans this hungry to win, the team you don't want to be facing is the Serial Killers. Serbian GM Steve Cirkovic has his club leading the league in scoring and heading for the playoffs with vengeance, and we see no reason why this game should provide anything more than a minor speed bump.
PREDICTION: Serbians Cruise, 34-23.


Raleigh Handicapping Network Illuminati (2-1) at Waco Weekend Warriors (1-2)
Latest Line:  Pick 'em
Waco and GM Mike Malandrucco come into this week as one of several teams who are trying desperately not to fall to 1-3 to start the season. They suffered an embarrassing loss to the lowly Untouchables last week, and they now must turn around and face the high-flying Illuminati. GM Chris Surre has his west-coasters playing hard, and inside sources tell us that they are hungry to put last season's disappointments behind them. The bye week will not have much effect on this game, but we don't think the matchups look good for the Warriors.
PREDICTION: Illuminati Keep Rolling, 33-26.


Raleigh Handicapping Network Raleigh Roughhousers (1-2) at Frognation Imposters (2-1)
Latest Line:  Pick 'em
This is a very important early season game for the Roughhousers and GM Mick Lendach. After winning their first game, they have lost the last two, but the worst news of all came at 1:30pm on Sunday when CBS broke away to the studio and Jim Nance said, "with James Stewart out of the game with a knee injury, rookie Fred Taylor takes the pitch and goes 52 yards....". That tragedy, followed by Jake Plummer's comatose performance that night, has sent Lendach into a semi-stupor. Insiders close to Lendach report that he has been crouched in a corner of his Raleigh home, head between his knees, rocking back and forth, eyes closed, repeatedly saying, "This is not happening. This is not happening. This is not happening." Reporters claim that Lendach has maintained this posture for over 72 hours, and has neither eaten nor slept. What is the good news, you ask? Well, we don't like the Imposters matchups this weekend, so assuming Lendach is able to submit a lineup, we think his bench is deep enough to secure a victory.
PREDICTION: Raleigh Somehow Wins, 34-27.

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